Park Rules



·         LMS reserves the right to refuse entry and/or service to anyone.

·         No outside food or beverage allowed.  No COOLERS are allowed on-site.  LMS has the right to inspect all coolers remove them immediately if found onsite.  Team representatives will be responsible for all their teams. $100.00 fine will be placed on all teams which are caught with outside liquor.  If a team is caught a second time, a minimum four (4) game suspension will take place.

·          No open liquor allowed outside licensed areas. $100.00 fine will be placed on all teams which are caught with liquor outside licensed areas.

·          No vehicles allowed on diamonds or fields. Speed limit is 20km on all roadways.

·          All animals must be kept on leash.  No pets allowed inside hospitality centre.  If you chose to bring pet, please clean-up after it.

·          All park rules and league constitutions are enforced by park & league officials.

·         No “soft toss” hitting against any of the facilities fences.

·         Anyone damaging park property will be asked to leave the facility and could face further suspension.

·         Any excessive clean-up required after games/events will be charged a rate of $50.00/field clean-up.

·         A gate fee may be enforced for select non-league related events.