Congratulations to all AUG19&20, 2017 Wednesday/Thursday Play-Off winners and finalists! The following teams have been credited the following COORS LIGHT REWARDS POINTS:

Division 1 A-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Old Dutchers (+4,000pts.)
Division 1 A-SIDE FINALISTS: Tin Caps (+3,000pts.)
Division 1 B-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Just Joking…But Seriously (+2,000pts.)
Division 1 B-SIDE FINALISTS: Ball Busters (TU) (+1,000pts.)
Division 2 A-SIDE CHAMPIONS: In Scoring Position (+4,000pts.)
Division 2 A-SIDE FINALISTS: Armed & Hammered (+3,000pts.)
Division 2 B-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Mets (+2,000pts.)
Division 2 B-SIDE FINALISTS: Last Minute Mess (+1,000pts.)
Division 3 A-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Smashers (+4,000pts.)
Division 3 A-SIDE FINALISTS: Brokebat Mountain (W) (+3,000pts.)
Division 3 B-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Pitch In Yo Face (+2,000pts.)
Division 3 B-SIDE FINALISTS: Diamond Cutters (+1,000pts.)
Division 4 A-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Alcoballics (W) (+4,000pts.)
Division 4 A-SIDE FINALISTS: Fireballers (+3,000pts.)
Division 4 B-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Flip Cats (+2,000pts.)
Division 4 B-SIDE FINALISTS: Brokebat Mountain (TH) (+1,000pts.)

Division 5 A-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Hit Squad (+4,000pts.)
Division 5 A-SIDE FINALISTS: Moist Mitts (+3,000pts.)
Division 5 B-SIDE CHAMPIONS: Ontrak (+2,000pts.)
Division 5 B-SIDE FINALISTS: Slap A Pitch (+1,000pts.)



To redeem points, simply email us which items you’d like to purchase and we’d be glad to accommodate.

Thanks to all participants for a great weekend!

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